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Gursimran Baidwan

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My name is Gursimran Baidwan. I am from Chandigarh, India and I am in the Communication Design program. Before North Island College, I was studying Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Physical Education and English. In my program, I enjoyed designing magazines, photography, coding pages and learning javascript and php, videography, drawing and making illustrations. The biggest thing I have learned from the program is developing websites, designing and branding, Premiere Pro, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, time management skills and project management skills. After graduation I plan to work in the video industry or as a freelancer. My favourite courses were Computer Graphics, Content Management, Video and Sound, JavaScript and PHP because of the softwares used in these programs, the power and ease of these programs such as WordPress and Illustrator or Photoshop. I enjoy how coding gives you the ability to change your WordPress content and the power of Wordpress itself. I also love to edit videos and put effects and sound effects on them. I try to be friendly, engaging, honourable, intelligent, adaptable, empathetic, helpful and hard-working.

Favourite Tools:

{ } HTML & CSS
{ } JavaScript
{ } PHP
{ } WordPress
{ } Adobe Illustrator
{ } Adobe Photoshop
{ } Adobe InDesign
{ } Adobe Premiere Pro

Where to find me:

{ } Facebook
{ } Instagram

My Project


Champions of Magic

The project I am displaying in the showcase is a magic show scene which will illustrate my skills of videography.
Project Photo
project image 1
project image 2
project image 3
project image 4