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Sarah Fox

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Designer & Web Dev

My name is Sarah Fox and I'm from Comox. I am in the Communication Design and Interactive Media program. Before attending North Island College, I completed a bachelor of journalism and then worked as a daily newspaper reporter. My program challenged me to be creative every day. I had never felt so stimulated. And this goes for not only my design classes but also my coding classes. The biggest thing I have learned from my program is to never give up. There is an answer and solution to every problem, you just have to find it. After graduation I plan to work in web development, where I can use my design and coding skills. My favourite courses were Computer Graphics and Fine Art Drawing because that's where I discovered that I'm an artist. I also enjoyed HTML & CSS and JavaScript because that's how I discovered that I'm a coder. I love cats and board games - both challenge me, and that's how I get my kicks!

Favourite Tools:

{ } HTML
{ } CSS
{ } JavaScript
{ } WordPress
{ } Sketch
{ } Adobe Illustrator
{ } Adobe Photoshop
{ } Adobe InDesign
{ } My sketchbook and a pencil

Where to find me:

{ } Instagram

My Project


Nosh Seed Co.

The project I am displaying in the showcase is a redesigned set of four garden seed packages that I created for a class project. My packaging is unique because instead of putting plants on the front of my seed packages I put images of tasty dishes you can cook after growing the vegetables from my seeds. I invented a company called Nosh Seed Co. and our tagline is: for gardeners who love to eat. In that vein, I redesigned a cookbook to go with the seed packages. Finally, I developed an e-commerce website so that I can sell my seeds online.
Project Photo
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